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PC Gazer was created on the idea that personal computers should be accessible and understandable by anyone. PC Gazer's founder, Ryan Matthew Pierson, has over two decades of experience writing about technology from the perspective of both a journalist and a technical writer working with brands ranging from small startups to Fortune 500 enterprises.

PC Gazer is a sole proprietorship owned and operated by Ryan Matthew Pierson, with plans to organize into an LLC in the near future.

About the Author

Ryan Matthew Pierson is a digital content creator operating out of Buda, TX.

His background includes over a decade of experience in broadcasting including radio and streaming video. Ryan has worked on a variety of media projects ranging from digital television to nationally syndicated radio programs. His experience includes every aspect of media production.

In addition to his broadcasting experience, Ryan has written thousands of technical articles, reviews, tutorials, and documentation on a range of different technology-related subjects. He specializes in writing about technology, the internet, cloud, IoT, and more.


Contact Information

You can contact PC Gazer at ryan@pcgazer.com.