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- Ryan Matthew Pierson

Report: EVGA Out of the GPU Game with NVIDIA

Tech YouTube channels Gamers Nexus and JayzTwoCents reported on a closed-door meeting with EVGA executives at which EVGA revealed that it would no longer be producing NVIDIA graphics processing units (GPUs). In addition to its partnership with NVIDIA, there are no current announcements of any deals with NVIDIA's largest competitors, Intel and AMD.

Presently, GPU sales make up the majority (reportedly 80%) of EVGA's revenue. The decision to exit its long-standing partnership with NVIDIA would trigger a tremendous shift in the company's focus.

Takeaways from the meeting from both Gamers Nexus and JaysTwoCents were that EVGA had a strained relationship with NVIDIA, with the latter being an overbearing partner restricting what EVGA could produce in its version of the GPU products.

Reportedly, EVGA will continue to sell 30-series graphics cards, however it will not product 40 or 50-series cards from NVIDIA. Units are also being held back to allow for warranty replacements and other support considerations.