FitBit Charge 6 is 40% Off, but is it Worth Getting?

Not everyone wants a multi-hundred-dollar smartwatch on their wrist, but they may still want to monitor their heart, activity, and other fitness goals. The FitBit Charge 6 fits that need just right. With deep discounts appearing so soon after its launch, the question remains: Is it worth the price?

Known for its robust health tracking capabilities, it’s a gadget that appeals to both fitness enthusiasts and casual users alike. Currently, there’s an exciting development for potential buyers: a significant 34-38% discount on Amazon, making it an even more tempting purchase.

Pros of the FitBit Charge 6

  1. Advanced Health Metrics: The Charge 6 excels in providing a detailed overview of your health, including heart rate and sleep tracking, essential for those serious about their health metrics.
  2. Sleep Tracking: Recognized for its excellent sleep tracking capabilities, the device offers insights into your sleep patterns, a vital component of overall health.
  3. Google Integration: The addition of Google Maps and Google Wallet enhances the functionality, making it more than just a fitness tracker.
  4. Design and Display: It maintains the sleek look of its predecessor, the Charge 5, and features an AMOLED touchscreen display with an always-on screen mode. This design choice ensures both aesthetic appeal and practical functionality.
  5. Waterproofing: With a 5ATM rating, it’s suitable for showers, swimming pools, and sea use, broadening its usability for various water-based activities.

Cons of the FitBit Charge 6

  1. Sub-Par GPS and Workout Tracking: The built-in GPS has been noted as problematic, and the workout tracking does not meet the expectations set by its predecessors.
  2. Durability Issues: There have been reports of the strap breaking within days of use, raising concerns about the device’s overall durability.
  3. No Altimeter: The absence of an altimeter might be a letdown for those who engage in activities like hiking or mountain biking where elevation tracking is crucial.
  4. Fitbit Premium Subscription Needed for Detailed Data: To access more detailed health data and features like advanced sleep tracking, a Fitbit Premium subscription is required, adding to the overall cost.

Pricing and Value

Originally priced at $160, the Charge 6 sits at a slightly higher price point compared to its predecessor and other models in the Fitbit range. However, the current discount on Amazon significantly increases its value for money.

The FitBit Charge 6, with its current discount, represents a good deal for those seeking a comprehensive health and fitness tracker. Its advanced features, combined with the reliability of the Fitbit brand, make it a compelling choice for fitness enthusiasts.

However, potential buyers should consider the additional cost of a Fitbit Premium subscription and how it affects the overall value before making the purchase. You certainly can get away with using the FitBit without a Premium subscription, though if you want to get the most out of your purchase, would you want to?

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