Elgato Releases New Stream Deck Pedal

Elgato, a prolific device manufacturer targeting streamers and gamers, released a new product in its Stream Deck family: Stream Deck Pedal. The $90/£80 footpad enables users to trigger an action or series of commands through three customizable pedals.

Stream Deck vs. Stream Deck Pedal

Unlike the Stream Deck, which includes a series of programmable buttons, the Stream Deck Pedal can be activated hands-free, enabling the gamer/streamer/programmer to trigger actions without taking their hands off the controller.

Use Cases

Use cases highlighted by Elgato in its marketing include:

* Game streamers using handheld controllers

* Musicians playing instruments while streaming

* Cooking streamers

* Unboxing videos

How Does it Work?

In Elgato’s Stream Deck software, a single pedal press can trigger one action, or a chain of actions assigned to the individual pedal. Actions, which can include direct commands to supported third-party software, key combinations, etc. can be chained together and separated by delays.

In addition to the new Stream Deck Pedal, Elgato added Discord integration to the Stream Deck software. This enables simple commands such as push-to-talk to be linked directly to a pedal press.

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